About Matt

Matt’s mission in life is to bring every person and place he encounters into greater balance than they were before he encountered them. Through his coaching practice, he has the goal to help those he mentors to find happiness and success in their work, relationships, and life. Matt’s coaching practice is informed by his analytical engineering background, strategic business training, and personal delvings into spirituality. He utilizes these perspectives to help others reflect on and refine their lives.

Matt mentors a select number of individuals who are looking to discover or deepen their sense of purpose, happiness, and success in their life. Find out more about his 1-1 mentorship offerings using the link below. 

Work 1:1 With Matt

"In the past months working with Matt, I have had amazing progress. I have been more stable than ever, and my awareness and internal dialogue have changed radically for the better. I've gotten clear on where I want to be in the next few years and what the steps are to get there. Also, the synchronicities - how things have been falling naturally into place - lately have been fascinating, to say the least!"

Justin Green | Founder, Healing Artist Academy

"Before working with Matt I wasn’t being my full self, I was hiding and not living authentically. I told myself I no longer wanted to hide or make excuses anymore in my life, so I decided to take that leap and work with Matt. I feel confident in that decision as I am now being the person I always knew I could be."

Jordan Lackner