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Matt is a Life Coach for Achievers, Leaders, and Change-makers.

He is specialized in conscious entrepreneurship, and mentors his clients on how to build a life and business conscious of the planet, people, and their life purpose.

Matt is a two-time startup founder in the cleantech & wellness industries, environmental engineer, published writer, and weekly host of the Contemplations podcast.

As your new coach, Matt is here to guide and empower you into doing the challenging (yet necessary) inner and outer work required for you to self-actualize and live the vision of your abundant, peaceful, and liberated life that you desire.


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Unlock Your Higher Potential.

Resources for every stage of self-actualization and expansion.

1:1 Coaching Program

Work directly with Matt as your mentor during your personal growth journey.

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Lead your own personal growth journey using courses completed at your own pace.

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Join a group of achievers who act on the principles of mutual growth, support, and accountability. Group facilitated by Matt.

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"In the past months working with Matt, I have had amazing progress. I have been more stable than ever, and my awareness and internal dialogue have changed radically for the better. I've gotten clear on where I want to be in the next few years and what the steps are to get there. Also, the synchronicities of how things have been falling naturally into place  lately have been fascinating, to say the least!"
Justin Green | Founder, Healing Artist Academy
"Before working with Matt I wasn’t being my full self, I was hiding and not living authentically. I told myself I no longer wanted to hide or make excuses anymore in my life, so I decided to take that leap and work with Matt. I feel confident in that decision as I am now being the person I always knew I could be."
Jordan Lackner

 Spiritual Realness.

Tune in weekly to hear contemplation by Matt (and his occasional guests) on many topics related to self-actualized living. This podcast aims to assist you in your journey toward becoming your authentic, higher self.